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“You do you, girl” (Part 1 – Renewing our Minds)

I gotta be honest, I super dislike this saying.  Yes, I’ll admit, I’m guilty of saying it a time or two but don’t hold it against me.  You see, it's all over social media in memes and quotes and shares and encouraging comments, “You do you, girl!” or “You be you”, how am I not… Continue reading “You do you, girl” (Part 1 – Renewing our Minds)

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Seasons + Marriage + Miscommunication

Marriage is not always easy. And I don’t mean that as a negative… one could say that serving God is not always easy either, that doesn’t mean we stop serving Him, stop pursuing Him, right? Definitely not. We run the race! And you know what gives us stride and strengthens our endurance? The struggle. Running… Continue reading Seasons + Marriage + Miscommunication

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Every Fifteen Minutes by Lisa Scottoline

Genre: Suspense Sociopaths are everywhere we hear, 1 in 25 according to a Harvard study done in 2013. It could be more now, who knows. Your neighbor, boyfriend, wife, colleague, dentist...  anyone. Apparently they learn to act normal through reading people, us common folk are easy to see through, what motivates us, scares us, inspires… Continue reading Every Fifteen Minutes by Lisa Scottoline

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Early Mornings with Jesus – Six Life Changing Discoveries

After a few weeks of waking up earlier than my family to spend some much needed one on one time with God, this is what I learned... I feel less angry/frustrated (SLOW TO ANGER!) This I didn't expect. Honestly, if anything, I thought I'd be grumpier because of the missed sleep, but I wasn't. I… Continue reading Early Mornings with Jesus – Six Life Changing Discoveries

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Pause! And Enjoy The Madness!

Life is so busy all the time. Especially when you have kiddos. There's a constant need, as a mom, to be better than I am. Do better than I'm doing. I get so lost in the hustle of the day that I forget to pause and actually ENJOY my littles. I mean, I can't even… Continue reading Pause! And Enjoy The Madness!