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Pause! And Enjoy The Madness!

Life is so busy all the time. Especially when you have kiddos. There's a constant need, as a mom, to be better than I am. Do better than I'm doing. I get so lost in the hustle of the day that I forget to pause and actually ENJOY my littles. I mean, I can't even… Continue reading Pause! And Enjoy The Madness!

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Sharing His Love With Others

Have you ever wondered how you’re supposed to share God with others?  Man oh man. When I was in youth group I remember one Wednesday night we all packed up and went to Target to share God’s love with a stranger. It was an exercise, an opportunity to get over our fears. A very scary… Continue reading Sharing His Love With Others

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Easter Basket fun! (No candy! Toddler Friendly!)

Hey guys!!! With Easter around the corner I thought I'd take this opportunity to do a FUN little posts on Easter Basket stuffing! (If you don't want to read all my rambling but want to know what's in our baskets this year feel free to scroll to the bottom of this post for the list… Continue reading Easter Basket fun! (No candy! Toddler Friendly!)

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Why Church Isn’t For Me

Deciding to raise our girls knowing our Father was an easy decision, deciding to go to church wasn't as easy. There were a ton of things to consider, from church daycare to the people that attend church and all the "togetherness" (blechhh) lol.  I grew up in church so I was pretty convinced I knew… Continue reading Why Church Isn’t For Me

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Financial Savvy Tips&Tricks (More for your BUCK!)

When I was 7 years old my parents started giving me a weekly allowance, with which I had to buy all my clothes, pay my tithes, and put money in savings. I was able to buy toys with the money that might have been leftover. Without a doubt, I learned money management very quickly! At… Continue reading Financial Savvy Tips&Tricks (More for your BUCK!)